Welcome to J.Latka Publishing

We have been publishing upscale magazines on travel and lifestyle in select countries and continents since 1990. In addition, our publishing house has a 30-year history in editing specialized guides such as magazines on Canada, South Africa's wine country, as well as a trade publication on food and beverage production.

Travel & Lifestyle

We keep wanderlust and the desire to explore Africa's and North America's vastness alive. We also create enthusiasm for travel to Germany.

We seek to inspire and provide information for travel planning, as well as offer valuable advice both to adventure seekers and those wishing to travel in style. 

Many of the world's most beautiful destinations can be discovered in our magazines.

We are a modern, multifaceted media company.

Our editorial content is available in digital format.

We offer tailored “Bespoke Publishing

We organise thematically related events.

We publish a trade magazine on food and beverage production