As a member of the modern media industry, we offer digital magazines, organized events, tailored publications, a trade journal and much more.

Bespoke Publishing

Tailored digital and print are available to customers dealing in related topics. We develop and produce content and design products in magazine or pocket-sized formats. We will also assist in bringing your print or digital message to your specific readership. Kindly request details on

  • Bespoke publishing
  • Concept & design
  • Development & production

Trade Magazine

In addition to our range of magazines dedicated to the travel business, we offer a trade publication: For almost 40 years, ASIA & Middle East FOOD TRADE Journal has reported on innovations in food and beverage production, from ingredients and flavors to processing equipment and packaging technology.
The magazine spotlights important developments in this industry's markets and provides valuable information about relevant events around the globe. Our readership, some 16,000 management level subscribers, are leaders in the food and beverage industry in the Middle East, northern Africa and Asia. For furthers details, please visit

Digital Publishing

The opulent contents of our magazine range are not only attractive on paper. Our web pages also provide inspiration, entertainment and a cornucopia full of information about some of the world's most exciting regions. Furthermore, each magazine is available on Facebook – generating a growing number of followers. Apps and digital subscriptions are in the planning phase.

  • Web pages for each publication
  • Facebook portraits
  • Apps and digital subscriptions (in planning)
  • Monthly Newsletter
Digital Publishing
Events Latka Verlag


Our magazines are backed by an enthusiastic readership community. We have repeatedly invited subscribers to join us for exclusive meetings with specialized members of the tourism business. For example, the professional, high-profile programs and the typical “look & feel” particular to each region have made our “Süd-Afrika Tage” and “America Tage” become highly attractive events for all participants every time.