The beginning - First issues of AMERICA Journal (1990) and SÜD-AFRIKA MAGAZIN (1996) were published.

Our Mission

Travel to foreign countries broadens horizons, it changes and affects everyday life back at home.

Since 1990, J.Latka Publishing has addressed “wanderlust” – the urge to visit faraway places – by publishing the first issue of the AMERICA Journal. SÜD-AFRIKA Magazin - which covers southern Africa – followed six years later. It was further complemented by the introduction of the KANADA Magazin about destinations in Canada as well as WEINLAND AM KAP, with special issues dedicated to the South African wine country.

Our magazines reflect a particular attitude

  • Pleasure in travel
  • Enjoyment in experiencing beautiful places and objects
  • Freedom and love of adventure

Our magazines' opulently designed pages and carefully compiled, firsthand articles are inspiring for a steadily increasing and faithful readership.

Most recently we have broadened our perspective. Our new English language publication THIS IS GERMANY MAGAZINE FOR TRAVEL & LEBENSART will be available worldwide. As a German publishing company we thus seek to represent the travel destination Germany and the lifestyle which is so typical for this country.

Travel magazines by J.Latka Publishing. The Original.